Monday, 13 July 2015

Prayer for Depression

Dear God, I pray for happiness

I come to You in my hour of need.
I ask You to touch my mind and uplift my thoughts,
change my seeming realities that I’m thinking about
my life, change my opinion of what is and what can be.

God, I ask that You give me a sense of well-being again.
I pray that You help me find my smile, both on my face and
in my soul. I pray that I have a cheerful heart. I pray that others
are drawn to my happy smile, my positive attitude, and my face
that shines with joy.

Dear God, I know that you have created me and everyone else
to be happy, to find joy and laughter in the different stages and
experiences of life. I pray that I express You in my expression
of joy. God I cannot do this by myself, so I turn to You, and
I surrender. In Jesus Christ’s name, Amen

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