Monday, 30 November 2015

Like The Angel You Are

by Micha-el Cleveland

            There is no time within a moment
            The universe can unfold within
            This can strike you like lightening
            Streaking across your vision
            Revealing your inner wisdom
            No one can open this door for you
            Nor provide the key
            There is no door or key
            You hold the answers
            Within your heart, your soul,
            your love, your beauty,
            your Unity, your acceptance
            You are your hidden truth, your story
            Turn off the marketing
            Turn your back on fear
            And walk down your path with head held high
            Like the angel you are
            I care not about your beliefs
            I only hope you care what you believe
            May your beliefs be rooted like the tree
            As clean as the air
            Nourishing as water
            And burn like fire

            Meditate Everyday
            In Your Own Way

All rights reserved David Micha-el Cleveland,
30 November 2015

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