Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Rewrite Your Story

Detox Your Mind is about writing A Big List of Grievances in which you were asked to write down all your fears, cares, worries, upsets, grievances, everything that makes you afraid, sad, or hurt. You were asked to list people and situations that cause you any emotion other than perfect joy and happiness. THIS IS YOUR PAST… THESE ARE YOUR STORIES.

If you have NOT written your list yet, I urge you to do so. It’s like cleaning out the junk and putting everything in a trash bag and taking it to the curb. It is literally that simple. We love to analyze, fix and problem-solve, and hold on to situations we no longer want (hoping for change). We 'humans' love to make things into a big drama.

Look at your list. These are the stories that are active in your vibration. These are the thoughts that have been holding you hostage. BE AWARE OF THE STORIES YOU’VE BEEN TELLING.

WHEN YOU LOOK AT YOUR LIST ... JUST BE AWARE and realize that you can choose NEW stories that are TRUE from now on. You have a choice about what thoughts pass through your mind and you have a choice what words pass by your lips and out of your mouth.


You have the power to choose. You have the power to decide which thoughts you will think. You have the power to choose what words you will use when you are speaking to people. When some old habit emerges, like wanting to judge someone or complain or gossip, you have the power to say “I’m not going there!” It’s within your power to NOT go there. It gets pretty fun at this level!

Your stories are neither good nor bad. They are nothing, but to you they are NOT NOTHING. As long as they have a charge for you, as long as they keep coming up in your consciousness, you are a victim to your emotions.

For years, I spent the majority of time flip-flopping between various states of mind: feeling sorry for myself, expectation and excitement, anger, feeling sorry for myself some more, being pissed off at God, wondering what I was doing wrong.

I went through a period where I went into isolation and stopped interacting with people. I thought, “Well, maybe I’m just supposed to be alone and be quiet.” I seriously thought this, for years! I decided for years to be a victim.

A MIRACLE STORY by Myrtle Fillmore, co-founder of the Unity movement. She was sick with tuberculous and malaria her entire life. When she was in her late 40s, she was given the idea that sickness is an illusion, just an outward condition of a state of mind and that you can heal anything by standing firmly in the truth, and not wavering. She began affirming “I AM A CHILD OF GOD, THEREFORE I CANNOT INHERIT SICKNESS.”

Every day she lived in gratitude and appreciation as Spirit, not paying any attention whatsoever to her sickness, which she knew wasn’t real.

She denied all and every appearance, even though the doctors told her she had only a few months to live. The appearances did not change for TWO WHOLE YEARS! For two years, it looked like it wasn’t working. She still appeared to have malaria and tuberculous, but it didn’t matter to her!! She KNEW she was healed. She KNEW she was Spirit.

She kept living and affirming I AM A CHILD OF GOD THEREFORE I CANNOT INHERIT SICKNESS.” She kept on being alive and vibrant and grateful. She prayed daily making conscious contact with God remembering the truth of her Christ Identity.

And two years later, the appearances of sickness were gone. It had been healed two years previously on the mind level but for her it took two years to show changes on the physical level – and she went on to live 45 more years, being a huge inspiration in this world to millions of people.

It took Myrtle Fillmore two years of affirming the truth “I am a child of God, therefore I cannot inherit sickness” before the appearance of malaria and tuberculous disappeared. She didn’t waver. She held her perfection in her mind every minute of every day and DENIED APPEARANCES.

Read my miracle story of healing here: Miracle of Forgiveness

YOU CHOOSE A TRUE STORY AND YOU STICK WITH THAT ONE, NO MATTER WHAT. If you’re going to tell a story, you might as well tell a good one !! You might as well tell one that brings you joy.

“It is impossible to see two worlds. You must choose” - L-130

”Perception is consistent. What you see reflects your thinking and your thinking but reflects your choice of what you want to see. Your values are determiners of this, for what you value you must want to see, believing what you see is really there. No one can see a world his mind has not accorded value. And no one can fail to look upon what he believes he wants.” - ACIM


Become aware of your “I” when you speak. Who is the “I” that is speaking?
It is it the Christ, wholly powerful, certain, graceful, patient, and generous?
Or is it the fear-based Victim, the Complainer, the Worrier, the Doubter?

When you talk, who is speaking?
When you think, who is thinking?
Just start noticing.

You will start to notice it’s as if you have a whole cast of characters that live inside of you. ONE OF THESE CHARACTERS IS TRUE. The others are all false and want to keep you in hell, dangling a carrot out to you making you believe that “some day you will get there.”

Until the integration occurs – which is what the transformation is … when the two become one, duality ends, and there is only Oneness.

YOU ARE A CHILD OF GOD. You are magnificent, whole and creative. You have been endowed with all of God’s Power, with the ability to create like Him.


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