Thursday, 28 May 2015

Shared Grace - Could You Help Me Thrive?

Susan Ure Reid is called an 'angel' through what she does for the cats. The truth is that all of these animals need and appreciate the ‘angeldom’ of friends who support her ~ Although she does the 'hands on' tending single hearted ~ it is the friends who are placed to help that makes the deep essential difference. She has exhausted all of her savings just as their needs continue to increase.

With weekly costs of £100 ~ with a few additional 'spay' costs and veterinary care in emergencies ~ this help is needed all the more. To Susan’s great relief, all the fertile females have been spayed, arresting the burgeoning ‘kittendom’ bar two as yet to be coaxed gently into a carrier and delivered to the vet for spaying. She has reduced a potential of 28 kittens this spring to 4 ~ which feels like a great achievement.

Susan needs to raise the funds, for the last two females (260 euros) plus the spay costs of 5 males to arrest the ‘catdom’ conflicts which consign them to a harried life in exile. At this point the colony becomes contained. To achieve this now would be the greatest blessing not just for them but for her too.

Susan also has urgent invoices that need to be paid in order for her to continue her work tending to 31 cats on a daily basis - no small affair.

How can Susan help YOU? ~ She proofreads, edits and copy writes, often on a free basis or in exchange. She also tutors students challenged by their degree dissertations and readily and promptly counsels by request on the same basis as she has done for many years.

If Susan can do something for you, please feel free to email her at her paypal address:

If you are inspired to support the work Susan does with animals (now in its fifth year) your contributions are hugely welcome.

If you feel to contribute to Susan’s efforts and share this information along with her paypal address of, which will be happily received towards helping them ~ others may hear of and support this small pod of devoted animal care. Thank you so much for sharing this ~ it makes a difference.

All our love and many thanks… 

Susan Ure Reid

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